Usisya Beach Eco-Lodge is perfect for nature lovers, bird watchers, divers, families or honeymoon couples, the ideal spot for people who enjoy relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking or simply reading a book in one of our hammocks overlooking azure Lake Malawi.

The lodge is designed to fulfill all requirements of sustainable living. It is solar powered and offers a beautiful solar heated open-air shower and a composting toilet with a stunning view of the lake. Our permaculture garden with lifestock is the source of our fresh produce for the restaurant.

Built with mostly natural materials we created our place in harmony with our incredibly picturesque surroundings as we like to be enviromental-friendly and to give our guests the most magical experience possible in "The Warm Heart of Africa".

Usisya Beach Eco-Lodge is tucked away in front of Mphande Hill, located at one of Malawi´s most magical & private beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation with plenty of wildlife, such as genets, bushbabies, monkeys, monitor lizards, otters and  plenty of birds all year around like fish eagles, owls, king fishers, hornbills, hammerkop and many more.

Even the village is just a 5 minutes walk away, you´ll feel like it is just you at this tropical slice of paradise!